The JD Scott Band

The JD Scott Band is the brain child of Jeremy Scott, Chef Owner of Tutta’s Pizza, Artist, Songwriter, Crypto Junkie, IT Guy, and Full-Fledged member of the Adventure Club. His upcoming releases are multi-genre and eclectic. Not to be trapped in any particular style, this collection of songs called “I Write Songs” boasts a blend of current and classic rock as well as a full on country tune “Friday Night”. The first release, coming out in the summer of 2018, with it’s own video co-written and co-produced by Jeremy Scott and Galen Demming (up and coming Dallas Animator) titled “Marching Toward the Sun” is a big bold song about how life simply is not what we believe it to be.

Driven to provide a great live show, Mr. Scott is no stranger to the stage as he was the front man for Red Tape Poetry and Telling Jonas of Deep Ellum fame in the early 2000’s. Along with his good friends and fellow pro’s Donny Wills on Bass/Vocals and Ryan Kirkland on Lead Guitar/Vocals. You’re destined for one enjoyable show taking you from real life narratives to fictional joyrides.

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Marching Toward the Sun

Marching toward the sun, playing with our gun
We’ve got bright ideas but they go….
Enlisted for a fight not even knowing my own plight
Cuz Daddy said it’s the right thing to do

Every thing in life isn’t always what it seems
Someday you might wake up and forget all your dreams

What if I told you they caught Mom smokin’ weed?
She got busted for a dime when she was 23.
What if I told you the sky isn’t blue, it’s black and full of trace things that make up me and you?

What if I told you life’s not always what it seems?
Some days you can’t catch a fish and some days you catch the sea.

What if I told you that your view is skewed?
What if I told you the things you believe are screwed?
What if I said I had a new view?
A paradigm shift is all you needed today.
Something new, something positive to say.
It’s all about you? No it’s not, it’s all about us.

Marching toward the sun, playing with our guns
We had bright ideas but they went boom.

© 2015 – JDScott Music